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JBD JGA and Peacock + Lewis Spearhead Long Range Property Planning Services for Fiddler's Elbow

JBD JGA and Peacock + Lewis Spearhead Long Range Property Planning Services for Fiddler's Elbow 


Pawtucket, RINovember 15, 2023 – JBD JGA Design and Architecture and Peacock + Lewis Architects and Planners, both members of the ClubWorks Network of Excellence, have been chosen by Fiddlers Elbow in Bedminster, NJ, to work together to provide facility planning, design, and architectural services for their upcoming club amenity improvements. 

The two firms will work together to create a comprehensive facility program for various site elements that may be developed in phases. This includes overnight accommodations, a conference center with meeting facilities, an event space, a wellness center with spa and fitness facilities, an expansion of the aquatics complex, relocation of cart storage, and coordinating with the proposed golf course relocation and expansion. The project will also explore expanding golf performance facilities, relocating and expanding golf course support outbuildings, expanding racquet facilities for sports like pickleball, both indoor and outdoor, and determining the best use of existing onsite residential properties.

"Our members call Fiddler's Elbow an escape, a resort, and their home away from home. We look forward to bringing even more amenities to them to enhance the lifestyle we provide," said Ken Donovan, President of Fiddler's Elbow. "And what truly makes this special is the opportunity for us to work with two of the top firms in the industry on this project who each bring their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives. For a project of this undertaking, it benefits us to have both of them assisting us."

"JBD JGA has had the pleasure of working with Fiddler's Elbow for a number of years, and we are honored they have chosen us to assist them in the very important planning for this next phase in their club's continued improvements," said Steve McMahon, Executive Vice President of JBD JGA. "We are also excited to be able to work with Peacock + Lewis to complement each other on this job."

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey of crafting a visionary plan for Fiddler's Elbow with JBD JGA," said Brian Idle, CEO of Peacock + Lewis. "Our passion for creating amenities that inspire and elevate members' experiences will guide us in shaping a future that reflects the club's unique character and aspirations on this special property."

The collaboration between JBD JGA and Peacock + Lewis showcases how the ClubWorks Network of Excellence combines the talents, services, resources, and expertise to create the best outcome for a client. 


About Fiddler's Elbow 

Fiddler's Elbow is a Private Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, offering exclusive access to world-class amenities, including three championship golf courses. Since opening its doors in 1965, the Club continues to set the gold standard as the state's only 54-Hole Club where family and business members thrive. Today, we have reinvented the entire experience so much that we don't call ourselves a Club, because we are much more than that. We have incredible facilities, unmatched experiences, and unique culture, driven by our members that combine to make up a lifestyle like no other.

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About JBD JGA 

JBD JGA Design & Architecture, located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, is an award-winning hospitality design company delivering full-service solutions for clubhouse master planning, architecture, interior design, and procurement. Since 1983, JBD JGA Design & Architecture has been committed to applying a unique and integrated approach to each project, taking into account its distinctive personality and requirements. The company prioritizes both function and form, resulting in innovative designs that are not only efficient and cost-effective but also timeless and beautiful. JBD JGA's extensive experience in seamlessly blending interior design and inspired finishes into creative architectural solutions has earned them a reputation as leaders in private club, restaurant, and residential design industries.

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About Peacock + Lewis

Peacock + Lewis Architects and Planners is an esteemed planning, architecture, and interior design firm, specializing in crafting bespoke hospitality and club amenities. As an integral part of the ClubWorks Network of Excellence, the firm has garnered accolades and forged enduring client relationships through its tailored solutions. With roots tracing back to 1961, Peacock + Lewis operates from its South Florida base, with offices in North Palm Beach and Naples serving as a resource to the highest concentration of top-tier private clubs in the world. The firm prides itself on its strong commitment to client satisfaction, underpinned by a robust culture and value system. Whether embarking on master planning endeavors, conceptualizing club and hospitality recreational amenities, or realizing architectural and interior design marvels, Peacock + Lewis customizes its offerings to align seamlessly with the unique demands of its clients.

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