The Worcester Club, a venerable city club which has been part of the business and social fabric of Worcester Massachusetts for the past 130 years, was in need of a face lift. Changing demographics in the city and socially were pushing city clubs to be more relevant and more user friendly. The leadership of the Worcester Club recognized the need for the club to move forward and began an interior master plan to guide them through the process.

The goals of the plan would limit the improvements to the existing building envelope but at the same time create a more dramatic and inviting member experience. The first phase of implementation was the Reading Room a popular space used frequently by members and guests for casual meetings and spirited conversation. With its completion in early 2018, its overwhelming approval by members signaled the begging of a new era at the Worcester Club. Phase 2 improvements are in process with a planned opening in late 2018.


Completion: 2018
Size: 2,000 square feet
Services: Master Planning, Interior Architecture, Interior Design